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Urgent Fax From Dan Kennedy:


“Has Dan Kennedy

Gone Mad?!?”

“Has Dan Kennedy

Gone Mad?!?”

Dan Kennedy Is Shutting Down New Sign-Ups To The NO B.S. Letter… And I’m Flying Out On March 1st To Dan’s Home To See Why…

 …And I Want You To Join Me & Dan LIVE!

From: Russell Brunson

No time to waste – I just got a FAX (remember those?) from Dan Kennedy telling me his plan to shut down new sign-ups to The NO B.S. Letter…

I know. I’m as shocked as you are…

The single greatest marketing & business newsletter that’s been a “guiding light” for hundreds of thousands small business owners since 1994… will be no more??

I had to find out why…

That’s why I’m flying out to Dan Kennedy’s home

On March 1st I brought my video crew and a Skylink (because Dan doesn’t have Internet at his home, thus the “FAX”)... so we could LIVESTREAM our meeting and understand why Dan Kennedy wants to shut down new sign-ups for The NO B.S. Letter!

The best part???


This is a HUGE DEAL

Because this is literally the FIRST TIME EVER in the history of Dan Kennedy’s life to have the Internet at his home AND to do a LIVE masterclass… no scripts, no pre-recorded sessions, and absolutely No B.S.

​To register, go ahead and click on the “Reserve My Free Spot” button on this page and I’ll see you at this once-in-a-lifetime masterclass with Dan Kennedy!!!

But you need to reserve your spot NOW!!!

In order to stream it live from Dan Kennedy’s basement… without interruptions… we are capping the number of attendees who can join.

Once our attendee cap is reached, this page will be coming down immediately.

So, in order words, if you’re here now, then that means there are spots still available. But for how long…???

​​Don’t risk waiting.

In order to stream it live from Dan Kennedy’s basementwithout interruptions… we are capping the number of attendees who can join.

Once our attendee cap is reached, this page will be coming down immediately.

So, in order words, if you’re here now, then that means there are spots still available. But for how long…???

Don’t risk waiting.

Click or tap the button below and I’ll see you LIVE from Dan’s basement.

or else! 🤨

  • Don’t wait.
  • Don’t sit and “think” about it.
  • Don’t shoo this away thinking this isn’t for you and your business.



With Marketing Legend, Dan Kennedy, LIVE STREAMED Directly from his Home!

Is This Masterclass For Me?

Which Best Describes You?


Newly Discovered!

Lost Set Of 14 “Mini-Books” Shows You Step-By-Step…

“How To Get Anything You Want”

– FREE Training –

Is This Challenge For Me?

Which Best Describes You?


Hey! It’s Russell Brunson,

And I have a question for you:

What if you could “harness” the power of success with just a few, easy-to-master mindset shifts… and begin to get ANYTHING you want in life?!?

Sounds too good to be true, I know… maybe even a little “woo woo”-ish, but hear me out… (you’ll thank me later, trust me).

The book set was called:

How To Get Anything You Want

(what a title… am I right??)

Now what’s so special about this set of 14 “mini-books” is… they were never published and distributed throughout the country.

They were ONLY given out at Elsie’s self-development events, which means you had to attend in order to get one.

Which makes what I’m about to share with you all the more thrilling…

I recently invested over $30K+ to acquire the first edition set of all of Elsie’s 14 “mini-books” of ‘How To Get Anything You Want’...

…and I want to share with you the “secret principles” from these books LIVE for FREE so you can take what I share, apply it in your life, and begin to achieve anything you want in life!


How Bad Do You Want To Achieve Success?

...And What Are You Willing To Do To Get It?

Before The Challenge

  • ​Feel like you're not progressing in life...
  • ​Broken mindset, operating like you're on “auto-pilot”
  • ​Unsure of how to get out of the “scarcity” mindset
  • ​Dealing with feelings of envy, jealousy... building up resentment and feeling hopeless


After The Challenge

  • ​Growing emotionally & spiritually by leaps and bounds
  • ​An abundance mindset with true intentions on what you want to get out of life!
  • ​A “grateful” mindset where opportunities begin to fall in your lap, day after day... 
  • Become an attractive, confident person others can't help but gravitate towards...

Your Host & Special Guests For The

“How To Get Anything You Want” Challenge

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur with over 20+ years in the online marketing world, and widely known as THE “funnel guy.”

He’s the co-founder of ClickFunnels, the #1 tool for small business owners and entrepreneurs to get more leads that turn into sales using funnels.

Eileen Wilder

Eileen is a bestselling author and business coach, specializing in high-ticket sales. She was a pastor for over two decades, and she and her family were used to living on very humble means.

That all changed one day when she found a way to make more in a day than she was used to making in an entire year.

Eileen now inspires others through her writing and speaking to become fierce with fear and pursue their dreams.

Special Guests:

Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale is a world-renowned self-development author and speaker, with publications such as, ‘Hypnotic Writing’, ‘Attractor Factor’, ‘The Awakening Course: The Secret To Solving All Problems’, and many more.

For over 35+ years, Joe’s manifestation training and insights has helped millions of people around the globe achieve the success they’ve always wanted!

Special Guests:

Annie Grace

Annie Grace is an author, coach, and speaker who has helped thousands of people, who were once addicted to alcohol, take back control of their life with the help of deep, psychological mindset shifts.

Annie’s success path has led her to be featured in numerous lifestyle and news media outlets, including Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Good Morning America, People, The Oprah Magazine, and elsewhere.

Join The Free 3-Day Challenge

"How To Get Anything You Want" Challenge!

Join Russell Brunson & special guests during this FREE 3-day challenge where you’ll learn the easy-to-master “secret principles” from these rare books to achieve MORE success in anything you want in life!

When you register for ‘The Secrets of the Ages’ Masterclass, you’ll learn…

Collier’s “Power of Thought” method for life-altering breakthroughs in life, relationship, business, and YOUR own personal life journey!

The ancient “Life Principle” secret to unlocking UNLIMITED resources, UNLIMITED energy, UNLIMITED growth, UNLIMITED wealth!

Transform Your Thoughts, Transform Your LIFE! How to unleash your FULL potential in 2024 through the art of “mental mastery”!

How to Shape YOUR Destiny! Learn the “Mental Attitude” secret used by the world’s greatest athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, and entertainers to get the LIFE, RELATIONSHIPS, and WEALTH you want!

Master Your Thoughts, Master Your Life! How to get everything you want in life, love, and wealth with the power of belief!

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